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How to maintain the cart-type lighting tower in daily life
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Daily maintenance of the cart-type lighting tower can ensure its long-term stable operation and extend its service life. Here are some daily maintenance suggestions:

1. Regular cleaning:

• Clean the surface of the lamp: Use a damp cloth or soft brush to clean the surface of the lamp, remove dust and dirt, and keep the appearance of the lamp clean.

• Clean the interior of the lamp: Clean the interior of the lamp regularly, including light bulbs, lamp housings, radiators and other components, to ensure good heat dissipation effect and light output.

2. Check the power connection:

• Regularly check whether the power cord and plug are firmly connected to ensure that the power supply is normal, so as to avoid the failure of the lighthouse to start or charge due to connection problems.

3. Maintain stability and vertical:

• Check the structural stability of the cart: Check the structural stability of the cart regularly to ensure that the wheel, support frame and lighthouse are stable, and avoid affecting the lighting effect due to shaking or tilt.

4. Waterproof treatment:

• Regularly check the waterproof performance: check the waterproof seals and interfaces of the lighthouse to ensure good waterproof performance and avoid water from entering the interior of the lamp and causing failure.

• Replenish waterproof materials: If necessary, add waterproof glue or sealant, repair aging or damaged seals, and maintain the waterproof performance of the lighthouse.

5. Protection of electronic components:

• Avoid collision and damage: Pay attention to avoid collision or violent vibration, protect the electronic components inside the lighthouse, and ensure their normal operation.

• Avoid humid environments: Try to avoid using in humid or dusty environments to reduce the risk of damage to electronic components.

6. Regular maintenance:

• Preventive maintenance: Regular preventive maintenance, including lubricating push wheels, checking whether screws and nuts are loose, checking lamps and brackets for damage, etc., and repairing or replacing aging parts in time.

• Regular inspection: Regular and comprehensive inspection, including battery status, charger status, power cord connection, lamp lighting effect, etc., to find and solve problems in time.

Through the above maintenance measures, it can ensure the long-term stable operation of the cart-type lighting lighthouse and provide reliable lighting services.