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What do you need to pay attention to when transporting trolley-type light towers?
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When transporting trolley-type light towers, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Packaging protection:

• Use suitable packaging materials: choose durable packaging materials, such as foam plates, bubble film, etc., to ensure that the lighthouse is well protected during transportation.

• Strengthen protection: provide additional protection for lamps, batteries and other vulnerable parts to prevent collision or damage during transportation.

2. Stable and fixed:

• Use appropriate fixtures: If the light tower can be disassembled or folded, it should be disassembled and fixed according to the product manual to prevent shaking or tilting during transportation.

• Safety binding: Use ropes or straps to fix the lighthouse on the transport vehicle to ensure that it is stable and not easy to move.

3. Waterproof treatment:

• Waterproof packaging: In the case of moisture or possible rain, use waterproof packaging materials to protect the lighting tower from moisture.

• Waterproof treatment: Ensure that the shell and connection part of the lighthouse have good waterproof performance to prevent moisture damage during transportation.

4. Avoid vibration and impact:

• Cushioning and shock absorption: Take appropriate shock absorption measures inside the vehicle, such as thickened foam cushions or air cushions, to reduce vibration and shock during transportation.

• Adjust speed and route: Choose a flat road and moderate speed to avoid driving or sudden braking on bumpy roads to reduce the vibration and impact of the lighthouse.

5. Monitoring and inspection:

• Regular inspection: Regularly check the status of the lighthouse during transportation to ensure its safety and integrity.

• Timely adjustment: If necessary, adjust and repair possible problems in time during transportation to avoid further damage.

Through the above precautions, the cart-type lighting tower can be ensured safe and reliable during transportation, and the occurrence of damage and failure can be minimized.